Meet Miloš Teodosić; the 2017-2018 NBA Sixth Man of the Year

By James Langan

Miloš Teodosić, a 29-year old Serbian is one of the best players in Europe where he stars for Russian powerhouse CSKA Moscow. It has been a barnstorming season for Teodosić as he led CSKA Moscow to a Euro League title, as well as Serbia to a silver medal at the Rio Olympics. His play has sparked rumors of him leaving CSKA Moscow to come play in the NBA. Teodosić is in the last year of his contract at CSKA Moscow and according to ESPN’s Mark Stein, “there is a belief in league circles that Teodosić will explore his NBA options next summer.” An elite pick and roll guard, Teodosić could make a major impact for any team that signs him. Just watch as he displays high level shooting, passing, and savvy in the pick and roll game.

Every NBA team could use an offensive talent such as Teodosić to run its offense. However, his value could be maximized by running a team’s second unit much the way Manu Ginobili has done for years with the Spurs. Teodosić has certainly not gone unnoticed by NBA executives, as he was offered a two year $5 million dollar contract by the Grizzlies in 2013 according to his agent Nick Lotsos.

Despite his elite offensive skills, Teodosić is better suited for a bench role in the NBA due to his poor defense.

While Teodosić generally knows his assignments and rotations, he suffers on defense due to a lack of athleticism and inconsistent effort. As you can see from the clip above, Teodosić struggles to fight over screens, give consistent effort in transition, and occasionally loses his man. Whenever possible, Serbia’s coach chose to hide Teodosić on lesser offensive players, which is much harder to do against NBA starting lineups. This is why Teodosić is better suited to a bench role where a coach can find more forgiving options to hide Teodosić defensively.

Teodosić is an offensive spark plug, a very good shooter, and a wonderful ball handler who, according to ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla, is “one of the top five passers in the world.” He is the type of player who could put up big numbers off the bench and electrify crowds with his passing. If he were to come over to the NBA, he would bring the combination of production and flair that would make him a prime candidate to win an NBA Sixth Man of the Year award.


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